Thug Life

25 May

The thought of typing this out was daunting to me. But I’ll give it a go.

I was out on a client call when a trio of walk-in applicants came in and asked my partner to schedule interviews. She arranged for ALL THREE of them to come in at the same time yesterday at 1:30. She said that they all ride together (which, incidentally, makes them unlikely candidates in the first place, because the odds of us having three open positions for the same shift at the same client are slim to none) so that’s why she scheduled them together.

In between that time and 1:20, approximately 3 hours, Thug 1 called me THREE TIMES.
Call 1 – she was having difficulty accessing our online application. I emailed her a direct link to the specific website page because she was apparently stupid.
Call 2 – she was asking, if she has a paper resume, can she just bring it to the interview? I said yes, however she still needs to fill out the online app. She moans and groans and then hangs up.
Call 3 – she was calling to ask if we received her online app. We didn’t, but I was sick of her shit and I said she was fine and to just come in at 1:30.

At 1:00, a worker’s compensation employee came in to fill out her paperwork. Worker’s Compensation is srs bidness, y’all. It has to take priority over anything else that I’ve got going on. The paperwork is insane busywork, also. She was a little old lady, anyway, so she took forever to fill them out. 1:20 came and I was trying to finish up with her paperwork, having sent her toddling off to the doctor, and the Thug Trio walked in the door.

Cast of Characters

Recruiter Extraordinaire: Me!
Thug 1: Nice enough, a little ghetto
Thug 2: Very quiet, grunts occasionally, has a big black tattoo of a bear paw on her cheek (??)
Thug 3: Tiny, would not want to mess with her, looks like a scrapper
My Partner: Self explanatory

Thug 1 comes up to my desk, makes eye contact with my partner, waves, goes back to her friends and I hear her say, “Ok they know we’re here.”

Fuck them. I need to finish this paperwork and they’re early. I keep writing frantically.

They spend the next 5 minutes wandering around the waiting room, going in and out while they do their business deals on their phones, and so on.

At 1:26, I hear one of them snarkily ask, “Do they even know we’re here?!?!?”


I cheerily say, “yes, I’ll be right with you!!” Smilesmile.

They grumble to themselves.

So as a humorous counterpart to this story, I introduce the first of the IM exchanges between my partner and myself.

1:29 PMHer
#lazy bunch
Don’t question my authority
1:32 PMMe
ok this bitch is pissing me off
1:36 PMHer
wow dude, I’m sorry about that trio
1:36 PMMe
stressing out
1:36 PMHer
me too
what can i help you with
1:43 PMMe
yeah the one girl stepped up here and made eye contact with you and you waved or whatever, so she told her friends that you knew they were there … it was still 1:25 so I was trying to finish the work comp ppwk … then one of them was like “DOES SHE EVEN KNOW WE’RE HERE” .. ok that ticked me off
1:44 PMHer
oh no way
i thought you gave them ppwrk
1:44 PMMe
that’s when I was like “yes, I’ll be right with you…”
yeah they have it now
1:44 PMHer
sit down and shut up
this isnt [competitor]

Ok so I finally finish the WC paperwork and bring them up to the desk, coincidentally right at 1:30 on the dot. I give them each a clipboard that has a stack of paperwork to fill out.

Thug 1 starts to fill out her paperwork, but then comes up to my desk and says, “I have a resume on my hard drive, can I just email it to you?” I said sure, that was fine. Then she was pissed because I told her on the phone that she had to fill out the app. I clarified, “No, you need to still fill it out, there’s forms there that need your specific signature.” She acted all put out and went back to her chair.

When they were all done, I brought them all up to the desk to conduct a group interview. They all want to come in together, I’m going to interview them together, dammit.

Thug 1 did not answer the question on the application about whether she had any convictions. She said, “But I have a long rap sheet!” Apparently her list of convictions was too long to list on the tiny space that we allowed on the app.

1:44 PMHer
they are thug like
“rap sheet” lmao
this is hilarious
1:46 PMMe
are you enjoying it the one lady just wrote “drugs”
1:47 PMHer
wait until i contain myself
1:48 PMMe
try hard
deep breaths
1:48 PMHer
i am laughing like I’m in church right now
do you know that laugh
the church laugh
1:48 PMMe
lol yes
haven’t been in a church since I got married but yes

Finally, the interview is done, and I send them back to the video screening room to review our multiple safety videos. Thug 1 tries to come back out to add some charges to her “rap sheet” because she forgot a couple. I told her she can do it after. I want to just send her the hell home.

They begin video 1. 5 minutes later, Thug 2 comes out with three of the assessments that I gave them. She says, “Yeah, my sheet has a-b-c-d-e for the first question but my friend’s sheet only has a-b-c-d.” Patiently I explain that there are multiple versions of the test and they each need to take their own. She huffs back to the room.

1:53 PMHer
they didnt even watch it all
1:53 PMMe
2:08 PMMe
I’m not bothering to do drug screens, time enough to do that if/when they actually fill out their online ppwk…
2:09 PMHer

Seriously, these women were pieces of work. Thug 1 also came back to my desk several times to add more charges to her “rap sheet.” Thug 3 checked “yes” to the conviction question, but just wrote “Drugs” in the space where she was supposed to write her charges down.

Needless to say, I do not think that we’ll be pursuing positions with any of these individuals.


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