Spellcheck is your friend.

20 Jan


. Dedicated Hard Working professional wifft a strong track record of developing custorner lryalty and being a team player


. Exensive knowledge and experience in the customer satjstaction


2011 -2012 XXX

. Seasonal warehouse (Location)

. Opperate PDA, LPDA, Bailer, Electric pallet jacks.
. Sort and stock fresh product as it is trucked to store and stock shelves in accordance with date on product.

2011 – 2011 XXX

. Site Manager (Misspelled Location)
. Inventory control of $100.000 in equipment (one hundred dollars? Really?
. See overall operations of satelitte installation contractors (I’m glad you saw it)
. Responsible for dealing with customer complaints
. Supervise 5 employees
. Perform onsite inspections of installations
. Hiring and firing of contractors
. Perform scheduling

1994 -2007 XXX

. Owner/Operator/Contractor (Location)
. Complete New Home Construction
. Roofing
. Windows, siding, doors
. Plumbing, and Electical
. Kitchen, Bathroom remodeling


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